Tiepeili mirrors road data to cloud

Plan, collect, analyze and report road information. Combine author, location, time, photograph, measurement data and observations.

Ever-expanding application framework.



Lautturi - Experience Platform

Cooperation platform for tourism experience services

Lautturi is a mobile first co-operation platform for organizing borderless experience services. Tourism experience service companies and guides can share job opportunities with each other.

Lautturi accelerates internal communication and organises small and large experience service projects. Lautturi brings together long industry experience and in-depth knowledge and defines only the relevant processes.

The tourism industry terms have been adapted to the traditional project management. Common and understandable terms contribute to the development and use of Lautturi.

Lautturi's core competence is scheduling of experience services. Activities are offered competitively and reliably at the time ordered by the customer.

Only the information necessary for organising programme services is stored in Lautturi. The personal data of activity participants is not stored in the system. The mobile application users are all approved by Lautturi.

Massi Gold


Massi Gold Crypto

Gold is money - Everything else is credit

Massi is a gold-guaranteed cryptocurrency. Massi is a stablecoin based on NFT and blockchain technology.

Massi is a European cryptocurrency and complies with regulations and supervisory practices set by the European Union.



Ruokakerho - Food Producer's Quality Chain

For an open, transparent and reliable local food chain

Ruokakerho eliminates the clutter from licensing and supervision practices in the food industry. The user has just the right information at the right time and nothing extra.

Ruokakerho system documents food production according to domestic and international standards. Ruokakerho ensures traceability, helps find production errors and fixes them early.

Ruokakerho system demonstrates to others that food safety has been taken care of in accordance with suppliers 'own and authorities' requirements. Ruokakerho supports the rights of food manufacturers and consumers who fulfil their legal obligations.

Ruokakerho is suitable for sales and purchases of farms and other small scale food companies. Ruokakerho is suitable for small-scale food operations and supports international sales. The international buyer of raw materials can check from Ruokakerho whether the supplier and batch of raw materials meet the requirements.

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